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I’m Borghild

A psychologist, world traveller, author, a spiritual acolyte and eternal optimist – I’m dedicated to helping you transform and connect more deeply with who you are through the process of self-discovery, focused awareness and movement – so you can feel more free to create the life you want.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated or going through a heartbreaking relationship breakup, a life crisis or challenge; it’s common to feel disconnected from yourself and your natural energy. You may not feel being present as though you have lost yourself, without a direction in life.

I can help you transform your life,
so you know how to return to yourself and your natural calm, joyful and energetic self. From there, you become even more aware with greater clarity of what’s important to create a positive, fulfilling and peaceful life.



Painting Visions of Energy

Featuring some of my visionary artwork that can help you to connect more deeply to nature and who you truly are.


A Pilgrimage through Foreign Lands to Inner Worlds

Follow me as I share my journey into the heart of one of the world’s most sacred places where I discover not only new destinations, but inspiration to lead a peaceful and meaningful life.

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