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As opposed to my return from the Himalayan mountains in Nepal (in January 2015) getting there was easy (22 December 2014). As you can see from the pictures taken as I hiked to Jhong the landscape is majestic and has the power to spellbound you.

It took one day from Pokhara with a flight (20 minutes), a short 45 minute walk to the local Jeep stand, a stop at a cafe for a morning chai, then a Jeep for one hour to reach Kagbeni, in the valley of the Kali Gandaki River, Upper Mustang.

It didn’t take me long before I had arranged a guide to show me the way to Jhong. He was an elderly man who carried my heaviest bag filled with rice, and cheese for the Lama and my painting material. Normally I would take a Jeep but all the roads were closed. There was still a lot of snow. I prayed I would make it. It was a long five hour walk by foot (climbing to 4000 metres altitude and it was by no means a flat—it was up up up). I was so excited getting there that I forgot to buy water. The weather conditions were perfect and everything flowed beautifully. The beauty of nature and the peace totally permitted my being. The surroundings and the ancient land of the Himalayan Kingdom and I was together. It felt like a deep homecoming of peace that I could somehow feel in this pulsating land.

However, because of the altitude towards the end I was desperate for water. I stared to eat some snow but knew that this was not a good idea. It could be too much a shock for my internal system. As soon as we reached the village we stopped at a small shop and I quickly drank a couple of cans of coke (which I usually never drink). I definitely needed some energy. We finally reached the Lama’s cave and we were greeted by the nun (Anni) who I had meet on my previous visits.

The pictures in this gallery is from my journey to the Lama’s cave. I do plan to share my experiences of staying with the Lama at a later stage.

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