with Borghild Bø

This is a program that provides you with the practical and dynamic tools
to instantly connect more deeply with the present and your authentic state of being.

It is an opportunity to enjoy the experience of inner calmness, so that you can listen to your inner knowing
and free yourself from the burden of any mental and emotional attachments or limitations.
You will gain the confidence to find your way of flow.

If you have been thinking about, feeling and longing for something ‘more’ meaningful in your life,
but you are holding back, feeling frustrated and can’t quite express what that ‘more’ is
— then this program is for you!

What is Connect • Focus • Flow™?

Connect • Focus • Flow™ is an easy 3-step self-awareness process designed to help you create a life that totally energizes you.

This three-step process can open you to explore what is possible and to find more of your own unique strengths and ideas and natural energy available, to you, in the present moment—anytime.


learn to live in the present moment


remove distractions from your mind


discover the energy within yourself

The first step is about how to connect with your core self, come back into to the present moment,
and rest in yourself so you can heal, feel calmer and experience more energy.

In the second step you will discover how to refocus your mind, see the big picture,
receive inspired visions, and be more confident in your decisions.

In the third step, you’ll learn how to let go so you can be free to feel joy and peace
in the moment and create the flow of harmony in your life that energizes you.

During the program, I’ll show you how to:

Deepen your experience and understanding of moment-to-moment awareness and presence in the here and now.

Understand what is happening inside and overcome daily stresses and suffering to find personal sources of energy.

Recharge your energy and manage it so you won’t waste energy or become drained.

Break through any mental and / or emotional blocks and gain profound clarity.

Experience an expanded awareness of inner peace, and confidence to deal with any circumstances.

Instantly transform old belief patterns and habits that no longer work.

Change your focus and create the time and space you need.

Experience a deeper connection with your inner strength.

Be more open minded and free within yourself.

Find a solution(s) and take inspired action.

Create habits that help change your state of mind.

Explore and unleash the power of your authentic inner being.

Are you ready to let go of what no longer works and connect with your authentic true self?

Can you give yourself permission to let your inner latent creativity unfold?

Do you want to trust your intuition more?

Are you ready to truly connect with your inner authentic being to live the life you are longing for?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you.

This is an opportunity for you to start creating the life your heart is longing for. Only by being true to ourselves can we live that dream.

This program will be over 6 weeks with videos, audios, and other materials to help you through this process.

– Borghild Bø

Lifetime Access

All materials, including any future updates.

  • DIY Plan for $47

  • USD$47.00one-time fee
    • Lifetime Access to the Connect • Focus • Flow™ Program

  • VIP Plan for $497

  • USD$497.00one-time fee
    • Lifetime Access to the Connect • Focus • Flow™ Program
    • 1-60 minute intake session
    • 2-30 minute follow up sessions
    • One month email access to Borghild

Come and join me
on this journey.