Live in the moment & experience inner peace

Regaining Control

Take a moment to breath, and stop to reconnect with yourself. Stop, just stop. We are all stressed, distracted, and pulled in different directions. It’s time to regain control of what you want in life.

Balancing Goals

With diligent practice you’ll start to become aware that you already are in control. By focusing your energy toward goals that help balance your stress, and lifestyle choices to accomplish your dreams.

Obtaining Peace

Take a moment to breath out and make your stress vanish now with my help. With my free course put into practice obtaining the peace of mind you deserve from regaining control, and balancing your goals.

Hello, I'm Borghild Bø — as a psychologist, author and explorer I help people create what they want from life. I combine the philosophies and practices of the East and West into my practical and transformative approach to teaching — what I call the Connect • Focus • Flow™ self-awareness practice.

You deserve to have a peace of mind

Live in the moment

& experience inner peace


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