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In the summer of 2009, I decided to leave my psychology practice for a while and take an extended sabbatical in the distant Himalayas. Walking Into It allows you to follow my journey into the heart of one of the world’s most sacred places and lets you experience my own spiritual awakening as the landscape of the Himalayas played its magic on the inner turmoil that was troubling me and led me to a place of beauty, peace and tranquillity.

That summer, I needed to cast off my shackles and leave everything behind for a while—the practice in Norway and all the trappings of my private and professional life. I went to the sacred places—to Spain first of all, to follow St James’s ancient pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. My five hundred mile (790 kilometres) walk opened my mind to new possibilities, to other ways of dealing with reality and living my life. The walk inspired me to seek Mother Nature in her purest form, so I continued my pilgrimage in the Himalayas, using my Connect • Focus • Flow™ approach to follow my own road into my inner being, opening the door to Mother Nature and allowing her to guide me on my pilgrimage through foreign lands to inner worlds of my own. By daily meditation and introspection, by the repetition of mantras and by accepting a new code of behaviour and way of life, I was able to gain so much from my travels, teaching myself to breathe again, to live again and to experience my life from a new perspective. I hope more than anything that my travels will serve as an inspiration to all those who feel trapped by the boundaries of a material world that emphasises gain and possession over spiritual happiness.
May my journey offer you hope in turn as you follow my road through a series of Meditative Moments; thoughts and reflections on life and our attitude to it. This is an invitation and a time to reconsider and re-orientate oneself to the idea that there may be other ways of finding happiness and freedom.
You can see pictures and videos of my journey in this gallery.
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