Travel to new and unknown places providing unique and inspiring ways to experience life in totally new ways.

I combine my love for nature and traveling with a passion to help others accelerate their growth to create the experience they want from life. I offer adventure trips, programs, workshops, and retreats in Norway and wherever I am drawn around the world.

Norway by the Fjord

This destination is available any season of the year.

ls life too busy for you to enjoy the fullness of your experiences? Do you want to move forward and at the same time relax and recharge your batteries?

With a time out and a closer connection to nature in a place to focus on your priorities away from everyday distractions, we explore possibilities and the next steps for you to take.

I offer a unique opportunity to join me (in my hometown) for a three-day retreat at the exclusive Solstrand Fjord Hotel by the idyllic Bjørnefjorden in Norway (30 km South of Bergen).

See pictures and find out more about the place here

This is a tranquil and perfect place to relax, reflect, contemplate and immerse yourself in the beauty of the supportive and nurturing surroundings whilst we explore how to further deepen our practice of self-awareness. And as a result we find ways to connect, focus and flow with the strength and natural energies available to us. This is a transformatlve process that will empower you and help you get clarity and confidence to take the next step.

The program can take place any time of the year and it’s tailored to your individual needs. It can also be extended to include other adventures. Please contact me for further information.

Norway, Hiking in the Mountains

Available from June — September

Would you like an adventure, but fear moving forward? Come hiking with me and lets explore what’s onward for you whilst we connect closely to nature, focus on your priorities and find the harmony of flow.

We explore different mountain destinations in Norway from around summer solstice until end of August. This is a five to seven day journey in the heart of nature. We stay over night in cabins and experience the magic of being close to nature.

This adventure will make you feel alive, and empower you to create a life that energizes you and expand your visions.

Contact me to find out more about the different destinations. This is one of the hikes that can be taylored to your needs:

Nepal & India

Trekking to Sacred Sites in Nepal & India with Retreat Options

I have for the last few years been on an inner journey of self-discovery that has taken me on trekking adventures to many sacred places. While traveling I have practiced the Connect • Focus • Flow™ process. It has taught me to trust my inner knowing and follow the flow of energy – leading to some amazing insights and synchronicities.

I am now sharing this journeying process with others and I invite you to join me on the next adventure to Nepal & India. This journey offers the richness of cultural traditions and the powerful energy of nature hidden in the sacred land.

My intention is to inspire and empower you to connect more to the strength and energy available to you in each moment. As a result, you will find the clarity, confidence, and freedom to create a life that totally energizes you. You may become more productive – or perhaps more able to fully experience lying on a beach or going for a walk.

I never know what will happen on these adventures. When I travel, I step into the unknown and let myself be guided by the energy of flow in each moment. Together we will find inspiration along the way in the most unlikely places. Meaning is always revealed in a perfect way.

I invite you to come with me to discover new possibilities and expanded perception. We may find transformation, and new life. We may receive visions that change us. We may meet our true selves.

If you are interested, please contact me for further information.


All the photographs in this gallery are taken by myself on my many pilgrimages around the world to sacred and powerful places. The impact of my journeys has changed my life in a positive and powerful way. Are the wonders of the great mountains beckoning you? Are you ready to go on a sacred journey to the heart of nature? If so, a pilgrimage can connect you to your deepest self, and you can return a changed person.

I take women on remarkable journeys to sacred sites and retreats in Norway and around the world. Contact me to see where I am journeying next or sign up for occasional messages and news.  You can also connect with me on social media.