A clinical psychologist, specializing in stress, trauma and critical crisis intervention for over 20 years.

A borne and raised farmgirl, with passion for adventure and nature, I am not your typical clinical psychologist. It was not something I ever planned to do. Through my deep desire for adventure and curiosity to explore, it happened by following what I am now aware is my intuition. I simply did what I wanted to do, and nothing stopped me.

Until 20 years later, I too was caught in the career treadmill and a materialistic world. Unhappy and frustrated, I finally decided to take the leap and went to the Himalayas. It wasn’t easy to cut through the indecisive mind and overwhelming feelings of helplessness, but I did it. There in the Himalayas, I had amazing experiences of reconnecting with nature and the core essence of who I am. It literally changed and infused my life with a creative and joyful energy I never knew existed.

As a result, I developed a self-awareness method I call Connect Focus Flow.™

Like me, you may also experience crossroads in your life where you have to make difficult decisions and choices for the better.

I want you too, to experience and live the life you want to live –  connecting to nature and soul innate in all of us. It never ceases to amaze me how the human mind expands when we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone into the unknown!

It’s time to focus on becoming more of who you are, experiencing the life you want to live. At a crossroad we can often feel torn between feeling that nothing is ever going to get better and longing for something more. There is something more, much more for you to explore when you dare to take the risk of stepping into the unknown .

There is no growth in the comfort zone.

My goal is to inspire and empower you to melt away limitations so you can experience your inner vitality and finally feel free to be more of who you truly are. Together, let’s co-create the clarity and confidence to choose what you truly want from life! What is stopping you?

By traveling and living in both the East and West, practicing and experiencing different approaches to living and being, I’ve seen that the answers we seek are often not logical. The mind has access to a much deeper level of knowledge and wisdom than we are consciously aware of. Intuition is a powerful part of our makeup that we can harness for accelerated change.

Just as nature has its own way of unfolding new life through cycles of movement and quietude, I provide opportunities and techniques to know yourself more deeply through natural flow. With my intuitive approach I  invite you to journey within yourself through reflection, contemplation and understanding – so you too can live a positive, fulfilling and peaceful life.

I have traveled and lived around the world as part of my study, work and practice as an adventurer, psychologist, facilitator, speaker and seeker.

I grew up on an idyllic farm south of Bergen, Norway with my parents, paternal grandparents and seven siblings. In harmony with the rhythm of nature, I have always had a strong connection to animals and nature. I just love it.

I always thought I would work in agriculture or do veterinarian studies. However, after completing animal husbandry science training, I became an agronomist at age 20. I then followed my passion for adventure and realized my dream to work on a farm in Victoria, Australia.

While in Australia, I completed my Bachelor of Psychology and worked for ten years at Royal Perth Hospital in Occupational Health and Safety, providing psychology and rehabilitation services and crisis and stress management to staff at all levels within the organization. After finishing my Masters and specialist training in Clinical Psychology I started a private psychology practice.

Eventually, I decided to return to my roots in Norway. There, I worked in private practice at the Centre for Crisis Psychology, then as a Senior Psychologist at Falck Nutec, Bergen, providing off-shore survival, crisis management, emergency training and safety facilitation, specifically with organizations within the health, oil, shipping and aviation industries.

I currently have a private practice in Bergen, Norway. I provide on-call 24/7 emergency crisis and facilitation services to companies.

I also love adventure travel! I have explored the Himalayas, the Andes, India, and Nepal. I now combine the philosophies and practices of the East and West to teach the self-awareness practice Connect Focus Flow.™

In July 2009, I left my psychology practice and contract work to follow my deep and persistent longing to travel to sacred and foreign places around the world. During that two-year journey something awakened in me. In the Himalayas my eyes were opened to the subtle energetic realities that lie just behind this world. I had never painted before yet at the end of my journey I felt a strong draw to begin. Invisible, unconscious wisdom started to make itself visible on the canvas. I also continued to write more, as the river of poetry was flowing faster and faster.

In my book Fire of Creation: Painting Visions of Energy, I share the visionary artwork that is a result of the energetic fire of creativity that was unleashed in me. In Walking Into It: A Pilgrimage through Foreign Lands to Inner Worlds, I reveal the full story of my experiences and the visionary insights revealed on the journey.