Bergen? Best hikes and local knowledge

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi

When I am approached by overseas friends and aquantances for tips on where to visit and the best hikes, my immediate response is, “You have to come to West Norway, and make sure you come to Bergen too”.

No matter how much hiking I do, there are still plenty of awe inspiring hikes. In 2019 somehow my energy and time in Norway, aligned perfectly with periods of great weather conditions. I didn’t waist any time and grabbed the opportunity to be spontaneous and go with the flow. Or rather, it feels more like the moment effortlessly offered itself. I have many places to take you but if you are coming to West Norway, there is no better place to start your trip than in Bergen.

Ulriken (643 m)


Since I live in Bergen, my favourite everyday hike is to Ulriken, Bergen’s highest peak. This is a classic hike you must do. There are many routes to the top, including taking the cable car. Please note that the cable car and the restaurant has limited opening hours during winter. You can find more details here.

My starting point for the hike is behind the cable car station. From here, I usually hike up the ridge and take the Sherpa stairs back down. It takes about 1.5 hours. When I have more time, I take the ridge up and continue further on from the top of Ulriken and come back what’s called Korketrekkeren. There are endless possibilities. Most people start the hike from Montana. If you want to hike the odd 1100 Sherpa stairs to the top, follow the gravel road until you get to a large rock. Turn left and keep moving – one step, one Nepalese Sherpa stair at the time.

Keep going! I am sure you’ll feel the benefits of nature too.


From Ulriken you can also hike over the city mountain plateau to Fløyen and down to the city centre. This takes between 3 – 5 hours for seasoned hikers. This is an amazing hike with great views in all directions.

View from Fløyen

After a magic hike from Ulriken you will reach Fløyen and be rewarded with a splendid view over the city. Enjoy a well deserved rest and perhaps you will be temptet to get an icecream and/or a cinnamon roll. Yam. Yam.

It’s now only a 30-45 minute descend to the city centre. If your legs are too weary and tired you have the option to catch the funicalar. Although the walk is well worth it. If you decide to return to Mount Fløyen you can always catch the funicalar back up from Fløybanen. Fløyen is a perfect viewpoint at sunset and if you have more days it’s a great place to explore many hiking trails. After walking over Vidden and down to Fløyen you will get a great taste of the area. Allow plenty of time.


Whilst in Bergen make sure you visit the UNESCO World Heritage site not far from Fløybanen and the fishmarket by the harbour. Enjoy a lunch at Bryggen. Bryggeloftet serves great, traditional Norwegian food.

I was fortunate to take Judy from USA on a guided hike over Vidden (plateau) in May. This is what she said.

Do you feel inspired? Check out the details for a guided tour here.

TipsNorway in a Nutshell

I want to make you aware of the Norway in a Nutshell tour. You will find lots of info on the web. Even though it’s touristy it’s well worth exploring it on your own. You can take the train from Oslo or you can start the journey from Bergen by boat, bus or train. The train ride from Oslo to Bergen over Hardangervidda (the mountain plateau) also offers incredible nature scenary.

TipsSpa retreat by Bjørnefjorden

If you have more time, allow yourself the gift to visit Solstrand Fjord Hotel and Spa in my local town, Os. It’s a 45 minute drive south from Bergen, situated beautifully by the fjord and has a fantastic spa. There are lots of great hikes in the area too.

If you are driving further South to Stavanger to take some of the epic hikes there – this is on the way.

Maybe I’ll see you in Bergen sometime. 🙂

With joy



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