Hiking Experiences & Tips

Are you listening to your calling? What is your adventurous soul telling you?

Autumn is a great time for hiking, reflection and listening. It just seems to be another feeling of stillness. This calls for a change in lifestyle rutines as the days here in the Nortern hemisphere gets shorter and shorter. The fresh, clear air reminds us that the long summer nights are over and we are being prepared to move inside both physically, metally and emotionally. Slowly a cycle is coming to an end and we are about to embark on another. It means new rutines, getting cosy and comfortable inside.

But no matter what we can still go hiking and enjoy nature’s beauty and the positive effect it has on our health and well being. Although, autumn means new rutines it inspires us to sigh and breathe the beauty of nature, so we can get cosy and comfortable inside – reflecting – feeling light, energised and nourished.

May these hiking experiences and tips from my recent hike to Gaustatoppen (1883 moh) in Norway inspire your adventurous spirit to follow your calling.

Just as autumn is the way it is, let yourself be in harmony with what is you. Let it wash over you, with no need to change anything, everything changes naturally.

I wish you an auspicious journey in harmony with nature!

With joy

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