It all begins where you are

It all begins where you are. Allow yourself to have what your true nature craves and the rest will enfold naturally…

In the midst of a pandemic can we allow ourselves to have what our adventurous soul is craving?

YES. Absolutley, but only if we don’t let ourselves or anyone else talk us out of it or let them control our emotions.

Firstly we must acknowldege the part of us that needs to be nurtured. When we do this, we stop resisting or denying a part of us that needs to be heard to feel inner peace and joy. As a result we cultivate patience, acceptance, honesty and compassion towards our own true nature and everyone else. Obstacles dissolve, frustration falls away and we connect with openness.

If we deny our true nature, which I think is our intuitive being it will cause frustration and an inner conflict between the mind and heart.

What is the pandemic showing us?

Many things I am sure. From one perspective, could it be that we are holding too tightly on to ourselves with fear? The opportunity is here to step into the unknown territory of fearlessness – you know that whatever happens you will be fine. Not even a pandemic can stop you from opening up and move forward and welcome whatever comes your way.

To do this we need no plans, but simply acknowldge our adventurous soul. What is it asking for?

Only you know where you are and what you need. When you know, you are ready.

May these hiking experiences and tips from my recent adventure to Lofoten Islands in North of Norway inspire your adventurous spirit to allow yourself to have what you are craving.

Then you prepare yourself to live your everyday life in harmony with who you truly are.

With joy

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  • Lars Skaug
    Posted at 00:17h, 01 November

    5 stjerner Borghild! Lofoten må bevares som det er. 🙂

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