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Borghild Bø: psychologist, spiritual acolyte and eternal optimist. Follow her journey into the heart of the world’s most sacred places; travel with her as the landscape of the Himalayas plays its magic with her inner turmoil and leads her to a place of inner peace and tranquillity—a place where she can see the world through new eyes. Borghild wants to leave it all behind. Her practice in Norway, the trappings of her life and a failing relationship. So she heads for the hills—to Spain first of all, to follow the pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. Her five hundred mile (790 kilometres) walk opens her mind to new possibilities; other ways of dealing with reality and other ways of living her life. Inspired, she continues her pilgrimage and her search for Mother Nature in the Himalayas of Northern India. Her journey is an inspiration to all those who feel lost in the boundaries of an avaricious system that emphasises gain and possession over spiritual happiness. Her journey offers hope. Walking Into It is more than just a spiritual travelogue; for those adrift in a world where people seem to have lost touch with the most basic of instincts—the connection with nature and their inner selves—it offers an alternative attitude to existence. Follow Borghild through a series of Meditative Moments, thoughts that offer a time to reflect, to reconsider and re-orientate oneself to the idea that there may be other ways of finding happiness and freedom.

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Walking Into It