The moment to …

The moment to nourish yourself is now …

THE P A T H of a free mind has no attachments. However, it means that we can allow ourselves to flow with the divine grace and enjoy all blessings bestowed upon us, including material wealth. Although, if we remain detached we will not fall apart if for some reason it goes away. It’s the same for everything in life. One day, we will have to let go of everything anyway – so why not give away or let go of whatever is not giving us peace and happinesss in our life right now. Why hang on to it? What does it give you? How does it serve you?

These questions of reflections will make sense if it resonates with you.

Acknowledging and listening to our needs is also a way to nourish ourselves. And that is exactly what I have done. My mind wanted to go somewhere ‘new’ but my energy and my body just wanted a quiet retreat where I can relax and embrace the flow of peace and happiness. So I listened deeply to that inner voice or intuition, and here I am – connecting with you from India.

As we become more aware we can experience the beauty, peace, nature and freedom that life has to offer us. When we nourish ourselves with nature’s powerful elements we awaken the source of energy within – that is always available to us, but often dormant when we are too busy to slow down.

In which way are you nourishing yourself?

Maybe it is to go and have a coffee with a friend, take a weekend off or not to plan anything. Whatever it is, it’s okay.

The questions of moment-to-moment awareness you can ask is:

Am I listening to what my energy is telling me (and my inner voice)?
Is it nourishing?
Does it feel good?
Do I feel energised?
Am I lovingly kind to myself?

Can you embrace yourself with more openness, warmth and kindness?

What does that feel like?

Start with little things. If it’s difficult to love yourself, think of loving a child and give that same love back to yourself.

There is no better place than the home of Dalai Lama to practice loving kindness and compassion towards self and others. Therefore, I love to invite you to join me on my adventure in India. As a GIFT to you during this journey, I want to give you my Make Stress Vanish program for FREE to say thank you for “joining” me. But make sure you sign up now!

To receive it for free use the coupon code STRESSVANISH at the checkout. This gift is valid from now until 1. May, 2019. Go here to get it.

PS This picture is from the mustard fields in full bloom. You may notice that it’s the place where I did the video. It’s in Dharamkot and not McLeod Ganj as I said in the video. Although the areas of Bagshu and Dharamkot is often also thought of as MacLeod Ganj, which is within walking distance and as you probably know, where His Holiness Dalai Lama has his residence and Temple. My intention is to do a video of the kora around the temple. Watch out for this.

May you nourish yourself today, and every day – to awaken your energy and blossom with peace and happiness.

With joy  xx

~ Borghild

  • Lars Skaug
    Posted at 20:27h, 31 March

    Great Borghild. This area must be the finest in all of India. 🙂

  • Borghild Bø
    Posted at 20:39h, 13 September

    Absolutely, Lars. I miss India. 🙂 Riktig god helg! 🙂

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