With her passionate light heartedness and optimism Borghild motivates and inspires you to follow your heart.

Even though it’s natural to feel stress, when it drags you into a negative downward spiral, it becomes detrimental to your health. Stress can make you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and too pressured, as well as unable to perform, achieve quality results, or think straight.

How can you conquer stress and pressure in your everyday life?

Learn three simple steps to become more naturally enthusiastic, energized, and confident:

  • Connect
  • Focus
  • Flow

By using the Connect • Focus • Flow™ self-awareness practice you will learn to guide your mind from contracted stressfulness to expanded mindfulness, so you can be more present. This allows you to increase your natural energy, direct and use it productively. You can then feel calm under pressure, be more effective, and think with a clear mind – ultimately improving the quality of your life.

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Corporate Workshops

I offer a range of different workshops customized to your organizational needs. My goal is to create synergy within your teams and increase productivity, health, and well-being.

The programs I currently offer include:

Better Leadership and Mindfulness

By using the Connect • Focus • Flow™ approach, which I have developed, I show you how to go from stressfulness to mindfulness by connecting to your natural energy. We use proven techniques such as breathing, mind-body relaxation, visualization, and reflection practices. The experience provide you with skills to manage, direct, and use your energy, as well as with tools to reduce the negative effects of stress and improve the quality of your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Understand and manage stress and deal effectively with challenges
  • Be more present in the moment and create the focus and flow you want
  • Enjoy the long-term effects of a healthy, happy lifestyle
  • Trust your intuition or inner knowing

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