Himalayan Vibe

Energy of compassion & loving kindness to self and others …

This is the Himalayan vibe!

I was so moved by what my friend Javid told me. It reminded me of how crucial it is to express gratitude and goodness towards the people who cares for us and people in general. Collectively this affect us greatly. This is why I share this video.

Unfortunately, the heart intelligence in the world is decreasing, while brain intelligence is forever increasing. Collectively we can contribute by how we individually take care of ourselves and others with loving kindness and compassion in everyday life.

PS After so many years of coming to Dharamsala this is the first time I hike to Naddi. I am so glad I did.

Although it’s just about 45 to 60 minutes hike, it felt like coming to another world. The  pictures in the video are from the surroundings where I did the video. The video was done on top of the pink house with the flat roof (at the end of the video).

With joy  xx

~ Borghild

  • Piyush Uniyal
    Posted at 13:36h, 13 December

    You are an ocean of positivity and I just took a dip in it. Feeling blessed.

  • Borghild Bø
    Posted at 11:12h, 09 April

    How sweat! Thank you. Glad you did.:-)

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