Full Moon Kora




It was a great honor to walk around Mt Arunachala (18 km) with thousands of others (in the city of Tiruvannamalai) on the full moon pilgrimage on the night of 31st July, 2015. This mountain has a great spiritual significance and it draws thousands of people every full moon. Mount Arunachala is also known as the Mountain of Fire and is said to represent the divine being Shiva. No matter what it is a truly wonderful & peaceful place to be despite the crowd. Even though I walked for the second time around the mountain with thousands of people, I didn’t even notice them.

The following is an account of what Dr Pillai (Baba) has to say about Arunachala and its power.

Mount Arunachala has the power to remove your ego and bring you closer to the Divine. This can be accomplished even just by gazing at this sacred mountain.

Walking around Mount Arunachala will remove the negative karma from millions of births. Once you are free from the shackles of these karmas, your own personal evolution & liberation will be accelerated.

Millions of Siddha masters live at Mount Arunachala in their Light Body form. When you walk around Mount Arunachala, you can commune with these ascended masters and receive their grace and blessings. Occassionally, you may have the good fortune to encounter such masters who appear to you in a physical form disguised as beggars or wandering monks seeking alms or food.


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