Thank You!

‘Sadness cries in longing for the meaningful — Joy is found in connection with our true nature.’

~ From Walking Into It.

“I have just started to read Borghild’s book, ‘Walking Into It’ and after completing the first chapter, I want to walk the Camino in Spain. Maybe I will ask a girlfriend to come with me.”

“Hello, Borghild. I just got the urge to write to you and tell you how much your book, Walking Into It, gives me. I am now at Day 5–KhardungLa Pass and I have read it over and over many times to take in the deeper meaning. It is so lively and descriptive, and very meaningful! It helps me to contemplate and gives me a lot to think and reflect over. I try to remind myself that “it is perfect the way it is” when I am sitting here on the stone in the middle of the river. Thank you!”
~ Anne B

THANK YOU to everyone who is or has read the book, Walking Into It; and I would love to hear how it helps you. This is a quote from the book that is helping someone to understand their suffering, connect with their presence and recognise glimpses of their true nature. And in this state of being, we are filled with silence of harmony and a lightness that takes us beyond the obstacles of our thoughts. And as a reward of diving deep and opening up to our true nature we are blessed with joy of transformation.

Namaste x

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