And they are still smiling

Having seen, felt, touched and heard these children, I know they are still smiling, even if their feet get wet when they get out of bed.

Guatemala: Most children in Vista Hermosa attend a school run by a British education foundation in Jocotenango. On Monday, just 37 of the primary school’s 325 students made it classes in the morning.

“We only really notice major absences if it’s raining in the morning,” Daniel Burgess, enterprise director for Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC), said. “The ones that were here yesterday [Monday], we ran out of socks to give them and towels to keep them dry.”

“It’s worse where a lot of our families live up on the hill. They get out of bed and their feet get wet,” Burgess said.

Even if we have a comfortable bed to sleep in, even if our feet are dry when we get out of bed, even if we have food to eat, even if we have everything we need to survive and much more – DO WE SMILE WHEN WE GET UP IN THE MORNING?

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