Why do I travel?

Friend: Hello Borghild!! Long time, no talk or see. I am just so curious about you!! It seems you are perpetually travelling and I wonder how this is? It looks wonderful and what a life woman, but really how do you travel so much? Hope Nepal is fantastic. I so wish to go one day.

Borghild: Dearest Friend, lovely to hear from you…
What a great question and I am inspired to share this answer.

It took me along time to understand this part of myself. And thankfully I am curious about myself too. A few years back when I started to travel more and more a client asked me one day, ‘Are you escaping from something?’ This is not an uncommon interpretation. At the time I reflected on what he had said. Maybe I was. Maybe I was even egoistic. Maybe I should even feel guilty. And I did and it took a lot of courage to take off. But I did it because it was something I wanted to do. And paradoxically if I didn’t, it would have the opposite effect of actually making me wither. I knew and gradually accepted that I am a traveller, I am an adventurer and I love to travel and immerse myself in the open and vast nakedness of true nature where my mind can be free…

Traveling inspires me and makes me feel totally alive with joy …It connects me with other cultures and I get to know myself in ways I never knew. It opens me up to the unknown and the extraordinary that lies within. It tickles my curious mind that wants to go beyond the reasoning mind to discover and seek the hidden truths. Traveling takes me to the inner worlds of wonder and divinity that in the busy day to day life is often dismissed, forgotten and unseen.

Traveling raises my awareness and expands my consciousness. The more I listen and just go where I want to be, the more my everyday life is shaped and designed into moments of presence that fills the pot with drops of sacred water. Traveling has showed me how to flow with spontaneous acts of just being in a harmonious river endlessly flowing without trying to control or plan what the river is going to shape into, look like or become.

Once we jump into the river of life and flow with it, without resistance, it will take the form that lies hidden within the map of our being. Only when we jump can we look back and see that there was nothing to be afraid of.
Fearlessness is without shape. Fear has a way of confining us into a limited place where we don’t want to be. Traveling is a way to just be totally present with who we are and so we can continue to unfold and flow with the stream of consciousness in our everyday life—feeling fully alive, present and whole.

And of course, traveling is just one way of doing it. I would love to hear your way. Or maybe we have the same passion and I would love to hear how traveling feeds your hunger for something more.

~ Borghild Bø

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