Right here. Right now. Let go & loosen up!

Empower yourself.

What a way to start the year with a full moon that represents a new cycle of beginnings.

Do you trust your intuition?

In this video I share more ways to help you stay even more grounded and connected, so you can let go of something that is going to make your life easier. But only you know what that is when you focus and trust your intuition even more.

You may watch the 10 minute video (not 15 minutes) and then tune in to the suggestions and reflections below.

In combination with these exercises, I encourage you to look at your outdated habits and aspects of your lifestyle that you are discontent with and focus on bringing transformation to the elements of your life that are no longe serving you in the best possible way. It is now an opportunity to let go of the old and seek the new and meaningful!

The exercises will help you loosen up and find more inner peace, energy and confidence. And as you do, you will become more aware of what you need that makes you feel more content. Over the years I have discovered that we often need to let go of something that is not serving us in the best possibly way in order to open the door to something new and welcome what we truly need or desire. To make more space physically, mentally and emotionally, we must let go of and even sacrifice something that complicates our life but yet we hanging onto for emotional reasons.

What is that for you?

It may be hard to face the reality and let go of the history but as you do, you no longer live a life of wishful thinking or hoping but rather live in the reality of truth as it is, accepting where you are at right here, right now; creating the life you want.

I hope these ways help you find balance and harmony so you can make the most of every moment, every day and every opportunity to transform as you move toward a fulfilling life. Even if some days can be bumpy from time to time, you will have ways to navigate the challenges and to transform the energy, taking one step at a time.

Acceptance is the power and confidence of self mastery that can transform anything.

Even in the darkest night of the soul, can you embrace any doubt and find self compassion in faith, optimism and rise above the mundane that is no longer your reality.

But for this to happen we must practice self-compassion and determination.

How much time do you really devote to yourself and your well being?

Reflections to ponder and explore:

Am I willing to begin again?

Am I willing to prioritise my wellbeing, happiness and my future?

What truth has this month opened me to?


PS If you haven’t already, it will be helpful to watch this video on how to take advantage of your restless energy. And this video on simple ways to wake up your energy flow.

PSS I just want to mention that the photo image at the top is of me in the high and remote Himalayan Mountain Kingdom of North India – on a 21-day hiking adventure. It was something that happened because I listened to my intuition and calling if you like. It was truly out of this world and opened me up to something much greater. You may read about my life changing journey in my book Walking Into It.  

~ Borghild

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