Rinpoche – BERGEN, 28 & 29. JUNI 2018

Are you ready for a rare event in Bergen 28 & 29. June, 2018?

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience something new and different.

In the spirit of summer solstice, it is with great honour to introduce Rinpoche – a Tibetan Buddhist Master from the Himalayas in Nepal.

You don’t need to travel to Nepal. This is a rare opportunity for you to meet and meditate with Rinpoche in Bergen. You can also receive a washing puja (renselserituale) for purification – individually or in groups.

Khenpo Tashi Rinpoche is one of the few current masters to have completed the twelve year meditation retreat cycle based solely on the Mahamudra Teachings. He is renowned for the clarity and simplicity of his teachings, as well as for his profound wisdom.

Follow this link to find out more about the details and to register.

Welcome! We love to see you.

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