Simple ways to wake up your energy flow

Welcome the new energy.

I want you to feel empowered and reassured that you are more than capable of getting the life you want and even beyond that!


What is important for you to focus on – right now? 
Over the years I have come to realise how crucial it is to have a focus. Simply because we have the power to create and manifest what we focus on. But first we must connect with our inner energy flow to live more consciously. Today I am going to share some powerful movements (in the video below) that helps you master your energy and that creates inner and outer balance. But before you watch the video, please read on …


Firstly, I want to emphasize the importance of balancing your energy so you can focus in a positive and life enhancing way. As you do, you empower yourself, instead of resisting what’s happening. This requires constant refinement, knowing when to be active and when to relax and rest; without becoming too forceful.

When do I act, and when do I surrender to what is? This is something we know when we connect to and master our energy, navigating through the inner and outer landscapes.


In my previous blog post, you’ll find the awareness guide to how you can take greater advantage of your restless energy.

Combine this guide with the simple, yet powerful movements I demonstrate in the video above. The purpose of the exercises is to help you reconnect to your body, focus your mind so you can more easily surrender to the energy flow.

  • Do it as often as you like.
  • The more you do it, the more you’ll benefit.
  • Grab the moment.
  • Get on the floor.
  • On the earth. On the mat.

As soon as we get down on our knees, our energy starts to change and we are more present and connected.

Do you want to make a commitment to empower yourself? YES! Then you are invited to incorporate these movements into your life for the next 10 days. It will help you stay connected and focused; and maintain a healthy flow of positive physical, mental and spiritual energy.

  • If you get distracted, just come back to the practice. Start again, without self-judgments.
  • Put it in your calendar.
  • All you need is 10 minutes a day!
  • Use these exercises to regulate your energy accordingly and on a daily basis.
  • After 10 days … continue!

Pay attention to your energy – whether you have too much physical energy (scattered, lack of focus, hyperactivity etc) or if you have too little (lethargy, tiredness, sleepiness etc).

Your energy is precious, make sure you are using it appropriately!

I hope this helps you to master your energy. Feel free to ask any questions or share how you find this helpful, stay connected and/or master your energy. Let me know in the comments below. Alternatively, contact me personally.

With joy xx

~ Borghild


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