Stay Connected!

Hello !

It’s great to connect with you again.

What can you do today to make a difference to you? To make yourself feel good and connect more with who you are.

What is important?

If we haven’t done this for a long time or we are not in the flow, we must practice patience with ourselves.

For example, if walking is important for you and you would love to do it but you just haven’t taken the time or got the motivation yet, please… please start slowly with a beginners mind.

Go for short walks. In fact research shows that short walks are even more beneficial.

Prioritise and set a time and date in your calendar.

If there is anything else you want to do to connect more with yourself, go for it.

Our needs change all the time so don’t forget to check in with yourself every day to find out what you want to prioritise — so you can stay connected, feel confident and free!

Love to hear from you in the comments.

~ Borghild

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