What happens when we listen to it?

The IT. Isn’t it amazing?

Being able to listen to our intuition and feel our energy helps us to use our inner wisdom to make decisions and create the life we want. And not only that, listening to the chaos and frustration will allow you to not only be true to yourself, but to understand the difference between feelings, reason and intuition.

Have you noticed any differences or changes since we started this journey together?
Any coincidences, synchronicities, and / or epiphanies?

In this video I share what can happen when we listen to the power of IT.

Lets take a time out to reflect on the last few videos I have shared with you so far.

You may ask the following questions:

Do I feel good about myself?
What is IT – my energy and my inner voice or intuition telling me?
Does IT tell me something about my own needs?

Make notes of your experiences and glimpses of ahhh moments. Then insights can appear when you are relaxed and least expect it.

To help you surrender to what is, take a moment to relax and quiet your mind by watching this video.

Notice what happens. You may not notice it immediately. But the more you pay attention and calm your mind, the more your awareness will grow like the new moon. We cannot see the moon growing, but it does – very subtly. The awareness brings you peace of mind and fulfilment.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts –

At times when you catch your negative thoughts, doubting yourself let your moment-to-moment awareness whisper in a subtle voice:

I am worthy.
I trust my intuition.
I am good enough.

Just repeat it to yourself, over and over and allow that subtle voice to be present without judgment.

Give it room. Give it space.
In addition to this, every time you notice that you are carried away with your thoughts, whisper – connect – and say to yourself I am … I am … I am … and add something good about yourself.

At times of racing, obsessive thoughts observe my thoughts for what they are – as thoughts – and found it helpful to simply repeat … nothing … nothing … nothing … over and over until the thoughts quiet down and disapeit.

When you feel good about yourself, you can more easily stay true to yourself and trust your intuition. Then things happen that is for your own best good; as I talked about in the previous video – Right here. Right now. Let it go and loosen up.

PS The picture in this post is from one of my hikes with view over Bergen city – around Fløyen.

With joy  xx

~ Borghild

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