What is it telling you?

The IT I am referring to, is your energy.

What is it telling you? It is providing us with information all the time.

In the video below I give you some examples and insight into how you can become more aware of what your energy is telling you – and listen to it – so you can live a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Everything is stored within us. When we tap into the wisdom of energy here and now we discover the answers. It remains pure as long as we don’t sabotage it with any judgment. It may not always be what we want to hear or want to know. But it is what we are faced with right here and now.

For example you may be longing for another job and you feel frustrated. Acknowledge the frustration and ask what it is telling you. Maybe you are overworked and need a time out.

PS Have you listened to the videos in the previous blogposts?

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The picture in this blogpost is from my hike to Ulriken today. A beautiful view of Bergen city.

With joy xx



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