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Hello there … 

Have you noticed whether your energy is expanding or contracting? This is telling us something. What feels good and what doesn’t. To know exactly what we must listen deeply and catch it in the moment.

Don’t worry if you haven’t. It takes time and we must practice patient awareness.

When it happens, it happens naturally and effortlessly. Let it happen!

In the video below I hone in on how you can listen to what your energy is telling you by catching it in the moment. We can do this much more easily when we connect and become more present in the moment of awareness.

  • Have you become more aware of what your energy is telling you?
  • To help you listen with your heart and soul see if you can create some stillness around you.
  • To embrace the moment, simply pause.
  • You may eat more mindfully, by eating slower. What does the food taste like?
  • Experiment by walking slower and take time to notice the beauty in your surroundings.
  • Or what about putting away any digital devices an hour or two before bedtime?
  • What other things can you do to help you connect, be more present and mindful?

As you become more mindful you can watch your thoughts, acknowledge your emotions and observe all that is in this moment. Catch the moment … the thought … sound … sensation … action … movement … simply notice and observe, without doing anything – letting yourself flow with the moment, letting go – in the present moment of awareness without expectations of what needs to happen. Simply be with it.

As you do, your consciousness expands.

Write down any ideas and reflection, as well as differences you notice. I would love to hear what you discover in the comments below or contact me personally.

PS If you would like to learn more about how to practice a 5-minute moment-to-moment self-awareness routine in your everyday life to boost your confidence and get more energy check out the Make Stress Vanish Programme here.

Stay connected & present … and be surprised.

Joy xx

~ Borghild

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