Purifying the mind

CREATING A DAILY ROUTINE — that feeds our being and purifies our mind takes determination, patience and perseverance. But when we do it, slowly and steadily, the rewards are great. To avoid being hocked into the distractions I do my healthy routine first thing in the morning before doing anything else. Right now my morning routine of meditation and yoga takes two hours, followed by a fruit and sprout breakfast. I just love the vibration of stillness and nature early in the morning. May this inspire you to start or continue your healthy routine. The only thing that works is to DO IT, without thinking about doing it. It’s natural to feel resistance so be gentle on yourself, and walk slowly into it.

PURIFICATION of the mind is a natural process that takes place when we nurture our being with healthy habits.

Do you want to be more present and connect even deeper with your true nature and find more of that natural flow and ease?

I invite you to check out the Connect • Focus • Flow™ Program. It is a self-awareness method to help find more clarity and personal sources of energy. 

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