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How to find calm with even-mindedness. Lets ask ourselves, ‘Am I satisfied or dissatisfied?’ 

The calmness that comes with a focussed mind and even-mindedness is often the beginning of a new way – your way to feel inner confidence, both in success and failure; satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 


Is your mind strong and focussed with a sense of inner knowing? Or is it doubtful?



Our tendency is to seek pleasure and satisfaction and to avoid anything that is uncomfortable and miserable. We want peace and happiness and easily forget that even-mindedness of satisfaction and dissatisfaction creates calmness and joy.

I use the method of mindfull awareness to help people accept what’s uncomfortable. As a result their thought processes and the way they approach life change. By facing uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions, we trust ourselves and find inner calmness in the midst of adversity. With an even-minded mind we are detached from an outcome and not discouraged by obstacles.

My Indian Guruji once told me that dissatisfaction is a good thing.



It pulls us toward our inner force and helps us evolve, effortlessly. Whether we listen or not is another story. If we don’t, we may experience an inner conflict between the logical mind and the heart, feeling dissatisfied until we do. This is the key. To accept where we are at and find calmness in the storm that is in motion; even though it may not feel like it is.


Whilst hiking

Today, I experienced something that reminds me of this. I started out on a hike to a place I knew. It was raining on and off so I didn’t think I would go very far. In the middle of the forest, I unexpectedly, and spontaneously turned left on the path where I usually turn right. It said, ‘Fløyen’ on the sign. I had never been there before. In that moment I forgot that 2.8 km is quite far in the hiking terrain.

Despite the steep and slippery landscape, I kept climbing, higher and higher. In some places I pulled myself up with the help of chains bolted to the mountain. It felt like an adventure with unexpected twists and turns. Awestruck by the spectacular view of the fjords and the little town, the heavy rain didn’t stop me.


I was dripping

Not even the massif mountain cliffs that hanged over me in places; although the thoughts of falling rocks and landslides did appear. I kept moving lightly, and was just as surprised every time the path took an unexpected twist beyond another mountain side.

The fog danced like smoke. Sometimes I could see the spectacular fjords and the tiny town but by the time I reached the top, it was zero visibility. At that moment I was totally satisfied, even thought my feet were totally wet. The actual hike and the discovery of this path was far beyond my expectations. Not only had I discovered a new peak, I had also found out that my fairly new gore-tex boots were not waterproof.

In the midst of this movement of action, I was calm. I didn’t expect a particular outcome but followed the energy force of the new way, leading me. Although I was willing to turn around at any moment, it felt like a sense of will-power that comes when we steadily follow the path with enthusiasm; detached from the outcome and expectations.

My inner force was happy to explore the unknown and hidden path that reminded me of an inner guidance for even-mindedness of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, success and failure, desire and pain. It leads us to inner peace, joy and harmony of mind and heart, and cultivates an attitude free from judgment and attachments to a certain outcome.


Lets explore this further

Are you satisfied or are you sacrificing any areas of your life, right now?

Maybe you know that you aren’t, or maybe you are. Or perhaps life is just a wheel that keeps turning and it feels like nothing is ever going to change.

Does it matter?

Yes and No.

If you are satisfied right now, it’s time to rejoice and be grateful.

If you aren’t, rejoice and be happy too.



has everything we need even though we are satisfied or not. How we interpret every sensation, thought, feeling, and emotions has to do with how we react or respond to life. With even-mindedness we learn to respond to our mind and circumstances. Life now is in constant motion. What we worry will happen in the future, have no reality right now. Yes I know, it’s easy for me to say.


Therefore, I would like to ask a different question

What is your reality right now?

Who are you listening to?

Listening to our thoughts, we may get a different answer than when we listen to our heart.

What does your heart say?

Allowing to feel ourselves in what we are doing, we know whether we are satisfied or not.

An indication that we are working with a doubtful mind can be when we are entering into thoughts like, ‘What if, don’t know, how, what will happen’. This causes fear and confusion, which often turn into negative stress and chaos.

When we let go and allow ourselves to just be – we find peace in the heart. Just like the fog that comes and goes. This is a focussed mind that observes whatever appears on the mirror of the mind. Just like the fog in the pictures I took on the hike to Fløyen, in Dale today.

The heart’s way!

This is not a certain way, which we have learnt before. This is our heart’s way that is in full alignment with the mind that can manifest your inner desires. It’s a language of inner wisdom that comes when we have space in our mind, a universe of stillness that has room for reflections. For example, when I go hiking, inspiration flows into my mind. My body, mind and heart is in balance, playing the symphony of life in that very moment.

Just notice. What happens when you allow yourself to be with nature or go to beautiful places?

Automatically we relax and go where our heart is. There is music. Just listen. An inner silence that we may not have felt before. Our shoulders drop.

If we allow ourselves to listen to the calling of our heart, we are automatically happy and at peace. Everything flows easily, and effortlessly.

I know you know this place. Visit. It is within, not without.

Nature is a place where we can feel at home and automatically flow with peace of mind and harmony.


To nurture and connect with your heart, allow yourself the following:

  • Relax.
  • Find beautiful places in nature that soothes your being.
  • Let nature ground you and let go, naturally.
  • Go on an adventure and / or do something different.
  • Take a silent retreat on your own or with someone.
  • Spend time in silence without Internet connection.
  • Take time out without any plans. Even just 5 minutes.
  • Prepare. Make space. Pay attention.

What happens when you do?

When we get in touch with our true inner nature, the answer is there. Let the force speak to you. It tells you what you need.

I asked myself, ‘Are there any areas of my life I am sacrificing or not paying attention to, right now?



I knew the answer. More space for my creativity and time out in nature is always grounding. This time, I chose a silent retreat at my brother’s mountain farm where there is no internet or phone connection. Far from people, it’s only me and nature. Held in the lap of nature, stillness makes the fountain of inner wisdom flow. A space in my mind that opens to calmness. A paradise.

I wonder why it took me so long to get back here. 2 years! Nevertheless, it’s irrelevant. Here now, I had prepared and made space in my schedule. A whole week free.

The wheel of life keeps spinning faster and faster if we don’t stop it. I did!

From mid March this year, I spent six weeks in India. It is one of the places on this Earth that I am in love with. Everyday, I allow space for myself to do yoga and hiking. Sometimes I need more time. It may be a day. A weekend. A few days. A week. A few weeks. A few months. It all depends. But I do it, depending on what my heart tells me.


Change is possible. It’s never too late.

Are you truly ready for a life changing adventure where we focus on total health and well being, join us for a retreat in South India. This can help you connect with your inner force; and accelerate your personal development and health on so many levels. It’s a lifetime opportunity to indulge in the opportunity to nurture and balance your body, mind and spirit and establish a healthy lifestyle.

I also offer shorter nature retreats in Norway tailored to your needs including yoga, silence, hiking, mindfulness and much more.

Health has no price tag and it’s the most precious gift we have. It has no time. It does not wait.

It requires us to have a focussed mind and a healthy lifestyle. It does take consciousness, discipline and dedication.

By taking one step at the time, we get to where we want to be. Sometimes it seems like a never ending road. But let me reassure you. There are new beginnings.

The retreats I offer will absolutely help you on your way – your evolution. Just allow yourself to open up to the process and follow your heart’s way. It will take you where you want to go.

Cheers to your health and a joyous life.

With a clear focus, we find calmness in even-mindedness.


With joy  xx

~ Borghild

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