Feeling Restless? A guide to take advantage of this energy.

Do you feel restless?

If the answer is yes … Don’t worry! There are many ways to take advantage of this energy in a positive way.

I know. This implies that restlessness is negative. But is it always negative? I am sure your answer is no.

It can be both. This depends on how we use it or abuse it. It can be constructive. And it can be destructive.

And it’s up to us – how to become aware off and master this powerful energy that can at times be chaotic and drive us seemingly insane. 🙂

When we learn to distinguish between positive and negative restlessness we are in the flow and don’t have to force ourselves to do anything. Neither do we have to stress about making something happen and /or desperately try to achieve what we want in life. We simply go with the flow and accept things as they are – here and now. That’s when life becomes simple and peaceful, productive and abundant and everything is perfect the way it is.

No matter what happens to us in our lives, it depends on how we approach life – our attitude to ourselves and the world around us – our self worth. When we connect with our physical self we can acknowledge our body and listen to our gut (intuition). We can then distinguish between the positive and negative restlessness, which stretches like a mountain range, beyond expectations and the ‘have too’, ‘should’ and ‘what if’s’ – and take focused decisions with action and awareness.

It means we must pay attention to how our body, mind and soul reacts to what happens to us in the present moment.

A couple of weeks ago I felt the restlessness come like a strong and intense, internal wind. It felt warm, soft, yet immensely powerful and positive. I knew I had to do something, use it, otherwise it could turn into something destructive. Although I didn’t know what to do, as I took one step at the time, the answers came and guided me to a focused decision. The powerful restless drive led me to take action. What turned out to be a fully booked train, I got a train ticket the evening before. Grateful for my restless energy and intuitive mind that moved me towards what I love  – the 2-day spontaneous mountain hiking adventure on Hardangervidda – Norway’s mountain platou between Oslo and Bergen; was exactly what I needed to rest and reflect. Hiking and being in nature is my best medicine to recharge and just be.

When we feel motivated, energised and ruthlessly enthusiastic about getting something we want – we can easily ignore our physical body and take it too far – burning the candle at both ends, and miss the overall picture. This is when pushing forward too fast with too much force can become destructive power. Without pushing too fast, the restless energy has a productive power to help us use our energy wisely and in balance with rest and relaxation.


By mastering our energy we can create the change we want in life – without chasing or forcing what we want or think we want. Especially when the universe has a much greater plan.

Please use this checklist as a guide to greater awareness and let yourself be inspired to add what works for you personally (with your own examples).

Here are a few of my guiding tips on what to be aware off to make your restless energy work for you:


  • By writing down what happens for you, creates a focus and a much greater chance to reinforce and integrate how to think and react positively and powerfully in accordance with your own inner strength, when you need it and under challenging circumstances.


  • Be wary of using up all your energy and / or feeling burn out.
  • Moving too fast, pushing forward with force can turn into the destructive power of restlessness.
  • Look out for obstacles that can be a sign from the universe to slow down.
  • Going too fast can set you back when you least expect it.


  • Find a balance between the times you are enjoying positive outcomes and when it seems that nothing is happening.
  • When nothing seems to change – create internal harmony and stability in your everyday life by allowing yourself to rest and reflect.
  • Relax and surrender to what is happening – whatever that is. When we try to force something it has a tendency to turn into obstacles. We disturb the flow and fight with our energy.
  • When life is resisting against everything you are trying to do – surrender!


  • Be kind towards yourself and others.
  • Watch any judgmental and negative thoughts towards yourself and others.
  • Are you being too hard on yourself?
  • Be mindful of not slipping into old patterns or habits.
  • Stay disciplined and focused (not obsessive control) on what you want. It’s very easy to be distracted.
  • With dedication you will reach your goal with balanced and positive energy.


  • Notice when your energy fluctuates. Up or down?
  • Do you have too much physical energy (scattered, lack of focus, hyperactivity etc)?
  • Or do you have too little (lethargy, tiredness, sleepiness etc)?

Watch it. Observe it. Feel it. Wait. Does it feel like a positive drive or a negative force?

PS! Be patient with yourself!
PSS! Not always easy.

To enhance your life in a positive way there are many things you can do to balance and master your energy.

When you focus on the present and master your own reactions on a daily basis, the power of energy works for you, and not against your true inner desires. As a result you become lighter. Harmony and balance lifts the heaviness, the fighting stops and there is no longer an inner conflict.


In the next post I will share with you some of the powerful, yet simple exercises I use with clients in my psychology practice. You can use them to balance and master your energy, harness your vitality and connect with your inner strength and confidence on a daily basis.

I hope you find this helpful to become more aware off how you can master your energy. Feel free to ask any questions or share how you take advantage of your restless energy in the comments below. Alternatively, contact me personally.

With joy xx

~ Borghild

  • Lars Skaug
    Posted at 10:31h, 15 September

    Hei Borghild. Har lest det du skriver. Da lærte jeg litt igjen, og forstår noe mer. Kjempefint bilde. Er det ved Bjørnafjorden? Eller kanskje Solbø/Kusælen? God Helg! 🙂

  • Borghild Bø
    Posted at 10:42h, 15 September

    Hei Lars! Så kjekt. Glad for det. Bildet er fra min siste tur på Hardangervidda fra Finse til Krækkja. Tror dette bildet er tatt når jeg nærmer meg Krækkja og solen begynner å gå ned. Det var jo en lang tur på omtrent 26 km så hele dagen gikk til å gå, gå og gå. 🙂 Riktig god helg. 🙂

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