Time to ease into autumn …

…to welcome new perspectives & goals into your life, with ease – embracing those cravings. 


O LA LA … we are already in the latter part of 2019. It’s time to set the tone for 2020. Do you feel the vibe?

Allow it to unfold, just like nature seamlessly transform from one season to another.

Autumn arrived early in Bergen this year – with lots of heavy, monsoon like rain. I love the different seasons and it’s nothing like the fresh, sharp and crisp air. The early dark nights, the rustling sound of the wind and rain hitting the leafs, draws me inward. I admire the leafs that manage to shine in the hardship of all the rain. They are shaken and tossed around as part of the process of getting ready to let go and transform into the earth. Soon the trees outside my bedroom window will be naked and frozen. Yet, they don’t complain and continue to stay strong, secure and rooted.


It just is, what it is.

Imagine, if we were a leaf. No need to think, no cravings, no resistance, just allow. Nature’s intelligence takes care of everything without the leaf or the tree resisting the natural life cycles. At the same time, we can be grateful for nature’s teaching and enjoy the cozy, candle lit nights, that ultimately helps us to slow down.

It’s time to pause – relax, reflect and re-define our goals.

I ask myself:

Where have I been and where am I going?  

What am I working towards? 

Am I being true to my deepest heart desires?  

Or am I tempted by cravings that takes me away from what I truly want? 


“I can resist everything except temptations.”
~ Oscar Wilde



We all have cravings and temptations of many kinds. It’s normal and okay. Cravings can be anything from wanting a love relationship, different eating habits, lifestyle, habits, and or physical fitness / health. And not only that; we want it all, right now. It’s usually driven by our physical, mental and emotional needs – something outside ourselves that the ego wants. 

It can even be a craving or feeling of pressure to accomplish something or to reach our goals.

Have you ever felt like this?

Or perhaps you may have felt the desire but wondering why some things have not happened the way you had hoped.


For example

I have had quite a few clients who tell me that they want peace and when they experience it, they don’t want to loose it. This is an indication of something external to ourselves. Most of us crave peace and happiness. And so we should. It’s our deepest longing and something we already possess deep inside. Nevertheless, it means we must be honest and clear about our heart’s desires so we don’t get tricked into external temptations that distracts us from being at peace.


Being in the flow

When we are in balance and harmony with who we are, we can be in flow with our true nature. That’s when we are at peace with ourselves and have clarity about our heart’s desires; without chasing it, without having to have something that may not even be good for us after all, without pushing or trying too hard to control the outcome. This only creates resistance and stress, more than anything. And it’s another sign that we are craving something outside ourselves.


Is it time to choose the path of least resistance? 

Have I been trying too hard? 

Am I true to myself? 

Do I say yes to cravings and temptations that makes me feel good and nurtures my heart’s desires?

Or am I giving into habits of temptations that I can’t let go off; and that makes me feel frustrated and uncomfortable – drifting further away from what I really want? 


It’s okay! Relax & reflect.

If yes, it may be time to reflect and look back to re-evaluate and redefine our life path choices.

How do I want to feel?

What inspires me?

What makes me feel good and gives me energy, confidence and inner peace? 


Listening to our dreams

All my life, I have had a dream to get a cabin. At this time in my life, I could realise this dream. But when I listen deeply, I feel uncomfortable committing myself to a big loan and all that comes with another property. There is a part of me resisting this move.

It’s okay! I stop. I listen. It’s time to embrace the uncomfortable. I feel calm under the heavy blanket of commitment and resistance. I am consciously aware of a deeper longing and get even more cozy under the heavy blanket as I reconnect with my heart’s desire to be free. Suddenly, I notice that the heavy blanket feels lighter. Yet I still feel the craving and desire to have a place in nature. I also know that this is an external wish – something my ego wants.

What is the uncomfortable feeling telling me?

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I am taking time to find calm in even mindedness. It means, I am at peace with feeling uncomfortable (in this case resistance and ambivalence). This brings safety and security to my well being. As a result I feel strong and confident in my decision to act or not. And I am grounded and rooted, like the naked tree. It’s okay!


Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Often, we spend a lot of energy and focus on trying to avoid the uncomfortable. When we remember to connect with our body and listen to our deeper truth and the world we live in, we get comfortable felling uncomfortable.

Then we can truly listen to our heart and choose what makes us feel at peace. We consciously decide what we don’t want, and discover what we want.

Getting more comfortable under the blanket, I ask myself:

Do I really need this?

Will it fulfilled my heart’s desire?

Will it help me become free from all bondage (physical and psychological)?


The feeling of less is more …

I don’t know about you, but I have come to a point in my life where I would like less things. Too much of anything unnecessary makes me feel uncomfortable. It simply takes my energy. I keep thinking about how I can get rid of things that I don’t need. Life is so much more than just things, especially if it stops us from living our heart’s desire – seeing a bigger picture.

That’s what the resistance is about.

As soon as I see this, I know the uncomfortable feeling stops me from caving into the temptation to get a cozy cabin that ultimately can cause me a lot of worry. Especially since I love travelling and move around. After all I am a wanderer who loves to explore the unknown nature, both within and without. Therefore connecting with who we truly are, helps us make important decisions.


“With awareness – there is no need to pressure ourselves to sacrifice our deepest desires for the sake of something we don’t need.”
~ Borghild Bø


Finding a new perspective

This is a good time to find a new perspective on what hasn’t worked and why. Perhaps it’s time to let go and welcome new goals (short term and long term) together with a sense of inner power; without a force to control the outcome. We can then take action with a sense of confidence and self-respect. It does not come from a place of fear, rather we take ownership of what is. That gives us the inner power to make decisions and act positively.


Take some quiet time for yourself to relax, ponder and explore. Everything is good. Whether a few minutes, an hour, a day or more is perfect to reflect on what’s been and how you want to live your life.

How do you want to feel?

If we want peace, we must do things that give us space and experiences that result in feeling peaceful.

Being honest with ourselves, shakes things up and helps us to face reality. Sometimes it’s only a few adjustments that needs doing.

Don’t rush. There is no hurry. It’s always good to practice patience when we realise we are getting frustrated, rushing or pushing it. It’s time to stop when we notice we are only creating more stress and resistance.

Part of the deal is to discover and become aware of when we do this.


Guiding questions to focus on:

Can I allow myself the time to ponder and explore my happiness?

What are some of the healthy lifestyle changes I can make that will boost my energy and make me feel fulfilled?

What are the short term goals I need to embrace for it to happen? 

Am I ready to let go off things that are holding me back or no longer serving me or people around me? 

What do I truly want?

When I experience any cravings or temptations, and I am aware of these, I can ask myself:

Do I really need this?

Will it make me feel good, and help me towards my long term goals?


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Happy Autumn!

Last but not least – this is a taste of an hiking adventure in Norway exactly five years ago. Right now it’s not possible to go hiking because of the heavy rain and wind. The featuring pictures in this post is also from this hike taken by myself and my friend Lars, who I then met for the first time.

With joy xx

~ Borghild

PS! Did you know that you can join me on hiking adventures in Norway and other places?

  • Lars Skaug
    Posted at 08:14h, 17 September

    Hardangervidda på sitt aller vakreste. Helt spesielt for meg. Tusen takk!

  • Borghild Bø
    Posted at 22:38h, 24 January

    Selv takk, Lars. Ja det var helt spesielt. 🙂

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