Kora – Mc Leod Gang, India

Welcome on a guided walk – called Kora – around His Holiness Dalai Lama’s temple …

There are a few reasons for sharing this video with you. The Kora is one of the first things I do when I get to Mc Leod Ganj, Dharamsala in Northern India. And I am not alone. Thousands of people walk the kora. Not only here but all over India and Nepal.

I have learnt during my spiritual journeys that it’s an integral part of the Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu culture and traditions. Even in on the highest Himalayan mountain passes there are sacred monuments made of stones at the top, covered in prayer flags. Nature is as deeply respected, as are the thousands of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and Hindu Temples around India and Nepal.If you would like to deepen your understanding of this, I talk about it in my book, Walking Into It.

As part of my own spiritual practice I have become accustomed to always walk clockwise around a sacred monument, whether it be a rock at the top of a mountain pass or a temple, reciting a mantra with my mala (made of 108 beads).

I also wanted to share this with you because my friend Lars asked me a few questions about it. Secondly, I have met Indians here at Mc Leod Ganj who doesn’t know about the kora. Thirdly, when I first arrived here ten years ago, I didn’t know about it and it wasn’t so easy to find it.

I loved making this video, walking the kora, for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

How was your experience of walking the kora? Any feelings, thought?

Do you have an everyday spiritual awareness practice that helps you stay grounded and in balance?

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With joy  xx

~ Borghild

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